History Teachers Wiki a wiki nomiated for Edublog award. Many resources for history teachers on many levels.
Teaching history this site helps k-12 teachers find resources to bring history to life.
Teach Civics Project free online project
Current Events Izzit.org
National Geographicc Education new additions to the site include activities, teaching resources and expanded library
Digital Vault Primary Source Documents and images.
Great Social Studies Sites

Click here for Western Europe Practice sites.
Europe 2 Eastern
Civil War Project
Tradigital History of Civil War
Stat Planet
Civil War Primary Sources
Maps that Teach
Interactive Maps can use to detect changes in populations over years and other adaptations.
Kidsgeo appropriate for intermediate and middle school students. Good for interactive practice with geography and geology
Maps for Kids
Interactive Map of Europe
Stat Planet
Travel Pod Games Interactive maps
Scribble Maps
Library of Congress will do 45 minute video conference.
Examples of student creative work http://blog.teachthecivilwar.com/csi-gettysburg-confederate-sharpshooter/
Constitution Projects and Resources