Please use this as a resource page for your department. If you found a lesson that seems good, add it here. If you found a useful websiste, post it here.
21st Century Skills Map - Ideas for Lessons

Science Specific

Wikis in a science classroom for collaboration
At Home Lab Experiments
Interactive Sites K-12
Interactive Science 3-6 grades
Google forms for populating experiment results instead of lab reports
Interactive Biology
Chem for kids high school

STEM Science Math and Technology List of many sites and ideas for teaching

Environment Education

GoogleEarth has lesson plans available.

Simulations Contains a list of simulations. The website also has the lesson plans that go with them. This page has an oversiew of featured simulations. You can search by topic or by branch of science. simulations with microscopes and imagery. plate tectonics and other related topics science labs many lessons and interactive activities for all areas and levels of science. interactive site for discovery in science and math

Short Movies and Activities**Resources**Bio

**** Some great interactiver activities for periodic table, roller coaster physics, human genome and more.
Periodic Table of the Elements
This is an interactive periodic table from the Los Alamos National Laboratory
Interactive Periodic Table
interactive periodic table with images and videos for each element

Rocks and Mineral K-8

Virtual Labs
The original link must have moved, this one will get you to the sims:

Downloading Streaming Videos to your computer

The addon for Firefox that downloads YouTube videos as flv files is called UnPlug. You can get it at When installed, it looks like a green fish and sits on the tool ribbon below the menu bar. When you are on a YouTube (or similar page) with videos that you want to download, you just click on the fish icon. It searches the page for references to videos and then generates a page with links that you can click on. It usually isn't hard to figure out which one was the video that you wanted. When you click on the link for the video that you want, it downloads it as an flv file to your disk (you can name it and put it anywhere you want). You will need an application that can play flv files such as the free VLC Media Player available at

These should easily be installed on CFF teacher laptops, but you will need to "unfreeze" your school desktop or student laptops to install them. The addon is for Firefox, since that is what I use at home. Of course, Firefox is also free and can be acquired at I am not sure if there is one for Internet Explorer. If you have any problems with installing it or using it, ask me and I will try to help you. - Jim K.