This page is here to share the information gathered from the PETE&C 2011 conference.

The 21st centruy learner needs to work on the higher levels of Bloom's Taxonomy. If we as teachers set the bar higher and develop lessons that require higher level thinking, student will have to acquire the knowledge of the lower levels in order to ascend to the higher expectations. Below are some tools and activites that teacher across the state of Pennsylvanis are using with their students.

General Tools

Live Binder Tool for organizing resources.
Links to many toolsThe following sites were used to support different presentations. Please contact me with questions
QR Codes in Education
Photo editing tool
Create your own website FREE
TutorialGlogstera digital poster creator- free basic accounts for teachers.
Interactive Website

Science Specific

Wikis in a science classroom for collaboration
At Home Lab Experiments
Interactive Sites K-12
Interactive Science 3-6 grades
Google forms for populating experiment results instead of lab reports
Interactive Biology
Chem for kids high school

Social Studies

Camstudio student create using record audio and video for student created projects
Stat Planet
Travel Pod Games Interactive maps
Scribble Maps
NYTimes ethnic explorer
Tradigital History many social studies ideas and tools on this site.
Follow me Project
Library of Congress will do 45 minute video conference.
Examples of student creative work

´╗┐Language Arts