Reading and Language Arts resources can be shared on this page good site for interactive games and activities. many different activites for reading Storytelling with lesson plans and ideas. Sign up for the Kerpoof newsletter for more ideas.
Create short videosUsing characters on site, author can create a scene with text diaoklog or recorded dialog.
Story Jumper each student can create stories with an account under the teacher account.

Storybird this tool is great for reluctant writers. It is internet based and easy to use.Storybird site

Quizlet free site to use and to create yhour own content for review- flashcards and gaming activities.

Voki Students can create talking characters. This can incorporate reading, writing and speaking standards.

Mee Genius free and low cost books that students can read online or have books read to them.
Literature andf other resources Free site for literature guides and lesson plans for many other subjects.
Big Huge Labs create posters, trading cards with neat add-ons enhancing pictures and posters.

Brain Storming site simple brainstorming site with export capabilities and outlining possibilities.